Your Photos

I offer a great variety of photo services, wich can be invoced either pro photo or flat rate. We guarantee for all services:

  • the best price. Everything is clearly explained before the shooting
  • adjustable formulas with a digressive system and a large amount of options
  • a goal-oriented work, no matter how long it takes
  • travel expenses within Berlin won't be charged

Family - Personal life

Family and children portraits
Birth and baby photos
Pregnancy's photo book
Photo report for all your family events (baptism, birthday party, commitment ceremony, wedding, …)

For all services, I propose to shoot in situ (at home, at the maternity hospital, in your neighbourhood, etc.). Studio shooting is also possible, but my advice is that the best moments of your life should be immortalized in your familiar surroundings, so that the photos reflect intense moments of life, linked with places and objects.


Professional dimension

Pro headshots (LinkedIn, CV, etc.)
Report on your events (séminar, meeting, public presentation, …)
Artworks for your communication supports (press kits, posters, websites, …)

Asset : as a past company trainer, I'm in a position to understand your objectives and the messages you want to convey and reflect it through the photos.


Handbooks for actors, dancers, musicians (Studio, on location or mixed)
Production stills (cinema, tv, ...)
Stage photos (rehearsal, performance)
Artworks for posters, flyers, disc covers, ...

asset : as a theater author and director, I can understand the meaning of a project and make relevant proposals based on it.


School / Nursery

I offer a service "à la carte", where the parents can choose freely wich photos they really want, in wich format, the amount of each, ... The parents will have a choice of posed photos and snapshots.

asset : for the parents/families who could introduce me in a school or a nursery, the photos will be offered.

Digital or Prints ?

Depending on the Offer, I can deliver Digital files in several Resolutions and also Prints in various formats and supports. You can evaluate and choose by yourself the pictures you really like through the personal Gallery that I'll make available for you. In most cases, you'll be able to order and pay directly online.  

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