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Nicolas Offenstadt

© Pierre-Jerôme Adjedj

Le pays disparu

© cover photo:

Pierre-Jerôme Adjedj

Eclats DDR / RDA splitter is a project initiated by the French historian Nicolas Offenstadt, who worked for several years on the GDR through abandoned buildings. eddr / GDR Splitter is a specific part of this work, centered on the city of Franfurt/Oder.

The work gave rise to an exhibition at the French Institute in Berlin, articulated around 18 triptychs for 18 locations, each consisting of a photo, an object found on site and a text written by Nicolas Offenstadt and historian Rita Aldenhoff-Hübinger. The vernissage took place on May 29, 2017. The exhibition was maintained until September 2, 2017. It was also hosted at the Médiathèque de Grenay (Northern France) in October 2019. 

Original idea : Nicolas Offenstadt

Photos : Pierre-Jerôme Adjedj

Texts : Nicolas Offenstadt et Rita Aldenhoff-Hübinger

Scénographie : Simon Drevet et Pierre-Jerôme Adjedj

Eclats DDR / RDA Splitter

Photos included in the exhibition

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Exhibition in the french Institute in Berlin

Catherine Trautmann

Former Ministry of Culture 

Christiane Taubira

Former Ministry of Justice 

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