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Restrica is a scientific and artistic project of Pierre-Jérôme Adjedj (photographer, Berlin) and Pascale Laborier, (professor of Political Science, Paris-Nanterre University).

We aimed at trying to build up portraits which beyond images of individuals who left their country and research work, could express the complex significance of exile and adaptation to a new existence and new challenges. Therefore following dialogue with each person in exile we jointly elaborated and set up the creative process to build up different levels of images, the portrait itself, which may be blurred in some cases for safety reasons, the reflect of their past life and a symbolic representation of their new life in France. This addition of three layers by transparency is not a photo montage and interestingly exceeded the expectations of the model and photographer. The creative process was repeated during the shooting until the realisation of the best imperfect picture, approaching "an eternal temporary result".

For the World Refugee Day, the authors of the RESTRICA project, researcher Pascale Laborier and photographer Pierre-Jérôme Adjedj, have produced a film to witness the singular experience of researchers in exile, contributing through images and words to making them visible.

Photo sessions explained

World Refugee day 2020

RESTRICA - Visions of current and past forced scientific exiles


Visions of current and past forced scientific exiles



Standing for freedom / Poser pour la Liberté - Exhibition

Standing for freedom / Poser pour la Liberté


Standing for Freedom is an exhibition that aims to present the history of current and pasts forced scientific exiles. Standing for Freedom is curated by Pascale Laborier, and is at first to be seen at the Cité du Design of Saint-Etienne (France).

In connection with the exhibition, the Magazine Hommes et Migrations is publishing a special issue devoted to the current and pasts forced scientific exiles. It includes about forty testimonies of people photographed as part of the RESTRICA project, as well as a large amount of text on the subject.